Enable Popups for Hose1 Only
Members will need to enable popups for password box to work
To Do This in Windows Xp, Open up the internet properties box. Click on
the "privacy" tab. Go down to pop-up blocker and click "Settings" Type
this in the box that says Address of website to allow:  *.hose1.com
That's " star dot hose one dot com" Click add and thats all there is to it.
Close the Internet properties box. You might have to restart internet
explorer or refresh your browser for this to take effect. This will not
affect the way popups behave on any other site. Just this one.

Alternatively, you can also right click on the warning box "on the bottom
in XP, on the top in vista"  to always allow popups in internet explorer.

This website has only been tested using Internet Explorer 7 using windows XP and Vista using a screen resolution os 1024 x 768.

Any Questions you can email me @